Ichiran Ramen: Popular ramen restaurant. Ichiran Ramen has outlets all over Japan and are always packed. You pre-order and pay using a machine before seated and fill a form stating your desired spice level, onion preference etc. along with your receipt for your ordered foods. They are also known for their private eating cubicles if you eat alone at the restaurant.

Daiwa Sushi: Situated in Tsukiji Market, this small sushi restaurant serves the freshest sushis in front of your eyes. Be sure to arrive early – well before lunch time as a long queue will form.

Maison Tonkatsu: The best and most famous tonkatsu restaurant in Tokyo. Definitely the best pork tonkatsu I have ever had.

Dominique Ansel Bakery: Home of the cronut, originally from NYC. The Dominique Ansel Bakery in Tokyo serves many of their original signature desserts including the cookie shot and frozen smore, but they also added desserts with a Japanese twist in their Japanese menu. These include onigiri soft serve ice cream and soft serve ice cream with grilled corn.

Bake: Famous cheese tart shop originally from Japan. Bake cheese tarts are lighter and more airy than regular cheese tarts but the flavour of the cheese is just as tasty as regular cheese tarts. They have several outlets overseas but only the outlets in Japan sell soft serve ice cream. Must try their soft serve ice cream which has a slight hint of cheese flavour – equally satisfying as their cheese tarts.

Pablo: Japanese cheese tart shop. Pablo has a wide range of different cheese tart flavours, sizes (bite size to whole large tarts). Their cheese tarts are richer and creamier making the flavour of the cheese stronger – perfect for cheese lovers and people who enjoy heavier and more tasty desserts.


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